Lab. Analysis

We also serve the demand for lab analysis and training.

Test for Plywood, Block Board, Particle Board, and Laminating Wood :
1. Bonding Strength Test
2. Bending Strength Test
3. Block Shear Test
4. Delamination Test
5. Formaldehyde Emission Test
6. Peeling Strength Test (Particle board)

Test For Paper Making :
1. Ring Crush Test
2. Burst Strength Test
3. Tensile Strength test

Others :
1. Mesh and Ash content analysis (Wheat flour)
2. Lab. Scale Development of New Product/Application


1. How to improve glue mixing formula and operating condition.
2. Gluing technique to get good quality product.
3. How to check glue specification.
4. JAS and JIS method.
5. Formalin emission testing for:
   - JAS / JIS A 1460.
   - CE MArking (EN 717-1).
   - CARB / ASTM D 5582.